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    What is the claim against Mercedes PCP/Car Finance?

    “What is your monthly budget?” typical dealer 1st question

    A common practice across all dealerships is to immediately ask your monthly budget in order to ensure they work out the finance package to match your budget as opposed to calculating an ethical price that matches your credit score and affordability.

    You may also have been a victim of mis-sold motor car finance if you received poor advice on your financing options or if you were not sufficiently made aware of the various commissions being charged within your agreement.

    A recent Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) investigation discovered widespread evidence of mis-selling on all types of vehicle financing options. The full article and FCA findings can be found here.

    Unknown to customers buying vehicles, unscrupulous lenders systematically incentivised brokers and car dealers to charge their customers higher interest rates so they could receive higher commissions themselves.

    As one car dealer openly admits in a recent article, “frankly, we were getting away with murder. We weren’t treating customers fairly and were, in effect, charging them to earn us money.

    Another dealer said their agreements with their lenders “let us car salesman, adjust the interest rate on customer loans in order to boost our own commissions.


    How will we do it?

    With our legal team we will challenge the legality of the finance agreement using the mis-sell and aim to have the agreement terminated in its entirety, therefore cancelling the agreement and having all interest, dealer commissions and hidden commissions returned to you with statutory 8% interest backdated.

    Simple 4 step Process-

    About Us

    PCP claims is a claims company helping consumers claim back thousands of £££s from unfair/mis-sold car finance /pcp agreements. With over 15 years’ experience in the claims sector,we have helped thousands of people across the UK for different types of claims including PPI, Plevin Cases, HDR, Japanese knotweed, unfair legal fees and many others, claiming back millions of pounds in compensation on their behalf. Working alongside a panel of solicitors ensuring we can get the best deal for you with the lowest NO Win NO Fee rates in the industry so you receive as as much of your compensation as possible.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our Solicitors will attempt to recover the full amount of your finance agreement back from the lender.

    Our solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis, upon a successful resolution of your claim their fees are 35%+vat of the total recovered amount. We do not charge anything as we are paid an Introducers fee from the solicitor for your claim.

    As this is a new claim type the time frames are still not conclusive however from our initial experiences the claim should be settled somewhere between 3-9 Months.

    In short YES, however this can be obtained directly from the finance company by either yourself or us (with your signed authorisation).

    As long as your payments are upto date and the reclaim amount meets our minimum criteria, its unlikely that you would have to hand the vehicle back to the finance company.

    We can currently look at claims for up to 13 years past and you can submit a claim for as many cars as you have owned in that time and we will assess the validity of each claim individually.

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